Cork roll 3mm

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    The price quoted is for 1 m.

    Buying, for example, 3 pieces will send a roll of 3m x 1m x 3mm

    Cork in rolls is ideal, as a substrate for cork boards, as thermal insulation from cold walls (especially recommended for use around children's beds), and also, as a finishing material for walls and ceilings. Cork is a material with very good insulation properties, both thermal and acoustic. It is great for use in recording studios and school classrooms or as floor soundproofing.

    Features of the cork we offer:

    •     cork grain size: 1-2mm
    •     density: 200 - 220 kg/m³
    •     tensile strength: over 400 kPa
    •     compression: 20 - 40%
    •     elastic return: above 70%
    •     lightweight
    •     high flexibility and elasticity
    •     high mechanical resistance
    •     high thermal insulation
    •     good sound dissipation and damping properties
    •     resistance to aging and the effects of many harmful substances
    •     resistance to microorganisms, fungi and mold
    •     ease in processing
    •     low absorption of media
    •     high coefficient of friction
    •     antistaticity and anti-allergenicity

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