Cork sheet AK12

    Reference: AK-12/3
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    Specifications :

    Dimensions : 950x640mm

    Country of manufacture: Portugal

    Advantages of use:

        100% natural and ecological product,

        provides great indoor acoustic comfort,

        reduces noise levels and acts as a very good thermal insulation,

        anti-allergenic product,

        lightweight and flexible, making it a problem-free material for processing.

    Technical parameters:

        Sheet size: 950x640mm - 0.608m³

        Grain used: 1-2mm (AK12)

        Density: 240 - 260 kg/m³

        Tensile strength: over 400 kPa

        Compression: 20 - 40%

        Elastic return: greater than 70%

    Behavior in contact with fire: the material does not spread fire and does not emit toxic gases during burning.

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