Expanded cork Lambourde

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    The "Lambourde" plate is a standard expanded cork plate "armed" with two longitudinally embedded mounting strips made of OSB.

    This clever solution allows, thanks to the OSB strips, for a very quick installation of cork boards to the wall and at the same time to the same OSB strips, using wood screws, we can fasten plasterboard or MDF boards.

    In order to improve the acoustic insulation of the partition, a double layer of plasterboards or MDF panels can be used.

    Excellent insulation parameters combined with easy and quick installation make this sustainable system an excellent construction solution.


    Technical parameters of "Lambourde" boards:

    - external dimensions: 1000x500 mm

    - available thicknesses: 40; 50 and 60 mm

    - density: 110 - 120 kg / m³

    - natural product: 100%

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